Turkoglu and Barki duet live at ZitaPi87 on Friday, 14st of September, 2012
Video shot and edited by Shoot The Band

The skill and sensitivity in saz and voice of CihanTürkoğlu (bağlama), meets the colorful sound of the drums of Soli Barki (frame drums, udu, kajon, berimbaw, bells, water drums, shakers, spring drum, singing bowl, kalimba)  and take us on a magical journey into the secrets of Turkish traditional art and music.
The two artists create a fascinating landscape, full of colors, intensities, gentle acoustic surprises and moments that see deep in the heart of music itself. The desired result of the collaboration between the two musicians is achieved through the feel of songs, instrumental compositions, and improvisations.
In their musical performances alevi-Bektashi songs, songs from the Black Sea, Thrace, Asia, and the East are heard. Also, Zeybek pieces and different kinds of music accompanying traditional dances (karsilama-Misket-Halay-Horon) are also part of the repertoire.
Turkoglu and Barki perform within the band of Vuslat along with Victoria Taskou and the participation of Manoussos Clapakis

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