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Brother Wind March (Jan Garbarek)


Paradox Folk




Intravenus formed in 2003, with Nodas Kaklamanis on drums, Akis Kaklamanis on bass, Jannis Anastasakis on guitars and sound effects and Nikos Janetopoulos on piano and keys. In 2004 they made their first live appearance in Small Music Theatre (Athens).They have shared the same stage with great artists and bands from Greece, like the Blues Wire,Socrates, Human Touch, Mode Plagal and Haig Yazdjian, and have toured all over Greece. In 2009 they took part in the “Big Night of Jazz” festival, playing Gilad Atzmon’s cover, “Al-Quds”. Gilad Atzmon and Marcus Roberts were in the audience and Gilad had the best things to say about the band!

Intravenus started recording their first original album, “Oiseau”, in 2011, with Kostis Christodoulou (piano and keyboards), George Giannopoulos (saxophones and percussion) and Stelios Romaliades (flute). The recordings took place in one of Athens’ best recording studios, Sierra, with Vangelis Lappas serving as a producer and recording engineer. The album was released on 24th May 2012 and it was presented live in the 2nd comics Festival (Athens) and to 10th Preveza Jazz festival, along with Maria Joao & Mario Laginha.

Intravenus website

Intravenus on Facebook


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