Fog El-Nakhel


Es Kisher


Talar / Yar Ko Parag


Ov Siroun




Yeraz / Yies Veroy Yiegnim

Hazar Nazov Yar

Onirou Gi

Lost Train / Ala Mowj Elbahr



Haig Yazdjian is a composer and a vocalist and an Oud  player and a producer. He was born inAleppo, Syria  in 1959. His parents are Armenians fromCasesarea, Cappadocia, modern-day Turkey. He emigrated to Greece in the 1980s, where his first instrument was the electric guitar, and he soon established himself as a leading soloist. He subsequently discovered the oud and this became his main instrument, accompanied by his own distinctive vocals. Yazdjian released his first album ‘Talar’ in 1996, and this was followed by several others that received widespread acclaim. Over the last thirty years he has worked with a wide range of artists and composers, both in Greece and overseas, and is currently touring as part of several different groups.He has lived in Greece, which is where he began his interest in Eastern music. 

In 2005, the Canadian world music diva, Loreenna McKennitt, after auditioning numerous musicians from around the world, chose Haig Yazdjian to be one of the «voices» of her latest project. After extensive rehearsals and recording sessions in Real World studios, England, Haig’s oud playing found its way to the songs of An Ancient Muse, McKennitt’s solo album that hit the stores late 2005. A European mini-tour followed, as well as the filming for a soon-to-be-released live DVD of Two Nights at the Alhambra.

Haig Yazdjian website 

Haig Yazdjian on Facebook



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