Shoot the band is a video production company based in Athens, Greece. We specialize in music videos, concerts, theater, festivals and events. Contact us if you want to create a fantastic music video for your band, to find out about our offers on multi-cam filming of your live show or to film your memorable acoustic performance in inspiring locations.

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Being creative is all that matters. We like shooting typical music videos with the band playing back, but we definitely prefer experimenting with story or visual driven material.



We offer multi cam live coverage with as many cameras as you like. We love getting as close to the action as possible for a more intimate feeling.



We believe that live acoustic performances in inspiring locations tend to become the modern version of the music video.  Having shot more than 20 videos for our web series Stray Songs, with bands and musicians like Sivert Høyem (Madrugada), Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), C.W. Stoneking, Nouvelle Vague, All Them Witches, Therapy? and many more, we can definitely deliver.



When it comes to editing footage from a live show or making an after movie for a festival we put all our creative efforts to delivering an end result that can promote your band or event the best way possible.

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